About Us

For the summer, my brother Phil is joining me as co-host. We’ll be putting out one ten to twenty-minute episode each week, on Thursday night at 7:42PM PST.

I’ve only got Phil for the summer, and I’ve already found out that I much prefer having a co-host so…

Co-host wanted.

Meanwhile, the rest of this description is grossly out of date.

If you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather know than not? If you could, would you improve your mind and intelligence? Given the opportunity, would you learn more to be able to do more to be able to learn more?

Welcome to “The Lab.” This show is about science and philosophy—science, because our playground is all of time and space; philosophy, because sometimes science isn’t enough.

Join us each week, Tuesday and Thursday, as we examine the universe in its entirety and in detail, for its own sake, and to explore and cultivate the depth breath and potential of your mind.

After all, if you want to learn something of the mind and how it works, shouldn’t you consider the cosmos it’s imbedded in?