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Ep 179: The Triassic period

The Triassic period

Today, despite your hosts suffering from a nasty cold, we talk about the Triassic period. During this time, the first flying reptiles appear, along with several reptiles that returned to the water. We also get the very first dinosaurs, though they were still rather small, and the very first mammals, which were even smaller rodent-sized animals.
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Ep 178: Phil joins the show

Phil joins the show

For the summer, “The Lab” has a co-host. My brother Phil hops onboard. We’ll be putting out a ten to twenty minute episode each Thursday night. In this episode, we attempt to cover the last 177 episodes in just one.
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Ep 177: The one-year anniversary of The Lab

The one-year anniversary of The Lab

It’s been a year since the first episode of this podcast came out. To celebrate, I had my brother Phil join me. We talked of the show and science and a little bit about sensory substitution and the vOICe. The conversation lasted for about a half hour. I edited it down to roughly ten minutes. It’s a little disjointed, but then again, so are we. I hope you have at least half as much fun listening as we had recording.

Ep 176: The Permian period

The Permian period

During the Permian, the land vertebrates grew to large sizes, the ancestors of some families of coniferous trees began to dominate the forests, and some small reptiles learned to glide from tree to tree. At the end of the period, the most devastating mass extinction event in Earth’s history happened, wiping out most of the life on land and in the oceans, and setting the stage for the next period, and the rise of the dinosaurs.
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Ep 175: the Carboniferous period

the Carboniferous period

During the Carboniferous, the sharks took over the sea. On land, a new kind of egg was invented that could be laid and hatched on land, instead of in the water. The world was covered with swampy forest, there were giant bugs, and more oxygen in the air than at any other time.
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The first thing I learned, was to turn on the light

I don’t use light in my house. I can’t see it, sometimes it doesn’t occur to me until someone comes over and asks for the stuff. Then I can tell an old joke that still gets a chuckle one time in ten, and go turn on the lamp I keep for just such occasions.

I put on this pair of smart glasses. They’re sort of like having a smart phone strapped to your face. I’m told the display is rather nifty; though of the two people who have checked it out, one complained of eyestrain, stinging in his eyes from the very close, slightly too bright light; and the other wears prescription glasses, so the display ended up rather blurry for him.
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