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Ep 206: Bloody brains!

Bloody brains!

The parts of your brain that are working the hardest, need the most blood. Your brain actually pulsates with your heartbeat, and the flow of your blood within your brain changes from minute to minute. One of the ways to study the brain is to track its blood flow. Today, along with the fall of Eastern Rome, assassins, goats and tourniquets, Phil and I talk about early methods of tracking the brain’s blood flow.
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Ep 205: Pulsating, broken brains!

Pulsating, broken brains!

Much of what we’ve learned about how our brain works came from the results of injury and disease. From the work of an ancient Egyptian doctor, to a roman physician patching up gladiators, to an unfortunate gunpowder accident in 1848, we talk about some of what we’ve learned from the brain about the brain when the brain breaks.
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Ep 204: Light, color, contrast, and brain cells

Light, color, contrast, and brain cells

From simple staining, to neurons being stimulated by lasers, today we look at some of the ways we look at our brain, it’s cells, and how said brain cells work.
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Ep 203: Introducing “The Lab”

Introducing “The Lab”

After more than 200 episodes, we finally decided to introduce ourselves and the show. Learn a bit about who we are, what we’re doing and why. Also, rubber ducks!
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