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Ep 127: Dreaming what you want

Dreaming what you want

If you become aware that you are dreaming, while you are still dreaming, you have an opportunity to experience almost anything you’d like. However, your dreams seem to have a mind of their own, and sometimes, odd things happen when you try to control them.

Ep 126: How to have a lucid dream

How to have a lucid dream

Ask yourself, right now, “Am I dreaming?” Do you know how you got where you are? Does what’s around you and what you’re doing make sense? Do letters or numbers look right, or do the figures wriggle around and change while you’re watching? Does gravity work like it should, or can you float, or even fly?

Ep 125: Dreams and memory

Dreams and memory

Do you remember your dreams? Everyone dreams, but not everyone regularly recalls them. If you wish to explore your dreamscape, you’ll need to remember what dreams may come. You could have the most inspirational, vivid, detailed dream imaginable, but if you can’t remember it, it doesn’t much matter. Today, we look at ways you can improve your dream recall.

Ep 124: Ride the nightmare

Ride the nightmare

If you have nightmares, and you wish to experiment with lucid dreaming, you’re rather lucky. It’s fairly easy to recognize nightmares while they are happening. It often happens to people spontaneously, even if they’ve never heard of lucid dreaming. It happened to me.

Ep 123: A tale of two books, part 2

A tale of two books, part 2

One of the things I’ve always had available for experiment is my own mind. Whether it’s mnemonics to improve my memory, or strange mental exercises to induce a lucid dream or an out of body experience, I’ve spent decades plumbing the depths of my internal ocean. Today, I tell the story of the second book I bumped into as a child, and the strange quest it began, even though it wasn’t an especially good book.