Ep 239: Monkey brain business

Ep 239: Monkey brain business

Monkey brain business

Primates, from the littlest monkeys to the largest apes, have rather large brains for their size. They also have high neural density, meaning that they pack a large number of neurons into whatever size brain they have. With culture, tool use, and even the beginnings of language, we take a bit of time to visit with monkeys and their amazing minds.

Here are a couple of articles about the cotton top tamarin.

Primate Factsheets: Cotton-top tamarin

Cotton-Top Tamarins: Cooperative, Pacifist And Close to Extinct

Here’s an article about chimpanzees playing with sticks as though they were dolls.

Young Female Chimpanzees Play Out Motherly Role

Here’s a video of one monkey who seemingly revived another monkey after electrocution—monkey CPR?

Monkey Saves Monkey

Here’s a short article about the above video, and whether or not the one monkey was really attempting to revive the other.

Was Monkey Actually Trying to Revive Shocked Companion?

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