Ep 273: building bones and binary

Ep 273: building bones and binary

building bones and binary

We rewind slightly to cover the beginnings of automated logic. Then we have a look-see at the mechanical calculators of the 17th century, and the people who made it happen. Along the way, we find the birth of binary.

Here’s an article on the giant water clock built in china to track the motions of the heavens.

Cosmic Engine of Imperial China

Here’s a little something on the development of the pendulum clock.

History of the Pendulum Clock

Here’s a bit about Ramon Llull.

Ramon Llull

Here’s an article about the contribution of Leibniz to what would eventually become computer science.

Gottfried Leibniz

And here’s a translation of one of the papers Leibniz wrote on binary, unfortunately not the one with his marbles.

Leibniz: Explanation of Binary Arithmetic (1703)

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