Ep 280: Finally, some actual computers!

Ep 280: Finally, some actual computers!

Finally, some actual computers!

We started with the stone age, back in episode 270. Today, we finally get to look at an all electronic, Turing complete, programmable computer. We also take a short side trip to more or less fail to explain what “Turing complete” means.

Here is a video that explains what “Turing complete” means.

Turing Complete

“Turing complete” makes no sense without understanding “Turing machines.” Here’s a video on them

Turing Machines Explained

Here’s an article about George Stibitz, and the electromechanical computers he created.

George Stibitz Builds the First Electromechanical Computers in America and Does the First Demonstration of Remote Computing

Here’s a video about the eniac.

ENIAC: The First Computer

Here’s an article about John von Neumann’s report on the edvac.

John von Neumann and the “Report on the EDVAC”

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