First shot sorting with the vOICe

First shot sorting with the vOICe

My clay is setting. It’s a polymer clay, so first you squish it without mercy until it gets soft enough to work. Next you squish it carefully and oh so gently into the shape you want. Then you give it a while until it gets a bit harder. After that, you can toss it around without it quickly turning into a featureless blob.

Today, to change it up a bit, I’m going to do the sorting exercise. I made a little cube, and a tetrahedron—a four-sided figure like a pyramid with a three-side base, or a four-side die. That gives me two differently shaped, light-colored targets to set against a nice dark background, and take a gander at.

The goal is to learn to tell which one is which by listening to the vOICe instead of feeling them. You can checkout episode 19, if you want more info on the vOICe; or you can visit their website to dig a bit deeper, and even download a copy for free for your very own.

Well, that’s interesting. The tetrahedron sounds swoopier. Still, I’m having trouble when they happen to land next to one another. I think I’ll start by trying to figure out which shape I’m looking at, when it’s one shape at a time. Unfortunately, if I pick one, I know which one it is before I look at it. Well, this is the sort of thing I pay my assistant for.

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