Ep 349: Monkey talk!

Ep 349: Monkey talk!

Monkey talk!

We look at how nonhuman primates use language, compare it to human language use, and guess how one turned into the other.

Meanwhile, over on brothersbarton.net, we have: take 100 of episode 1.

Here are a couple of videos on the coral snake.

North America’s most VENOMOUS SNAKE – The Coral Snake!

Coral Snake VS Milk Snake! (How to tell the Difference)

Here’s an article about micro expressions.

Microexpressions Are Not the Best Way to Catch a Liar

Here’s an article about pupils changing with emotion.

Why Do Pupils Dilate in Response to Emotional States?

Here’s one of the few things I could find on swearing and profanity and the brain.

Your Cursing Cortex

Here’s a bit about brain systems used by monkeys to communicate.

Systems Underlying Human and Old World Monkey Communication

And here are a couple of articles about Broca’s area.

Broca’s Area Function and Location

Brain’s language center has multiple roles

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