Ep 354: By flame, drum and song

Ep 354: By flame, drum and song

By flame, drum and song

How did people communicate over distance in the ancient world? We answer this question by examining signal fires, talking drums, and languages composed entirely of whistling.

Here’s an article about whistle languages.

More Than 80 Cultures Still Speak in Whistles

Here are a couple of videos about whistle languages.

Sylbo, The Last Speakers of the Lost Whistling Language


Here’s an article about the history of long distance communication.

A Brief History of Long Distance Communication

Here’s a bit about the hydraulic telegraph.

The Hydraulic Telegraph of Aeneas

Here’s an article about ancient communication and the use of drums.

Primeval Communication and the Beat of the Drum

And here’s a video demonstrating some African drums.

Master talking drummer – drum talks

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