Ep 369: From little to smaller to slightly larger

From little to smaller to slightly larger

Join us for a look at red dwarves, brown dwarves, white dwarves, and carbon stars.

Check out our latest attempt at Episode One.

Take 119 of Episode One: An itch of crackheads, and Patrick has a cow

Here’s a bit about a brown dwarf that is a bit brighter than it should be.

The Curious Case of the Mysterious Over-Luminous Brown Dwarf

Here’s another brown dwarf.

Neither Star nor Planet: A Strange Brown Dwarf Puzzles Astronomers

Here’s an article, sadly out of date, that talks about how you can get a look at a carbon star for yourself.

Carbon Stars Will Make You See Red

Here’s a bit about carbon stars in general.

Carbon Stars

Here’s an article about a carbon star near its death.

Mysterious death of carbon star

Here’s a little on how stars like our sun die.

The End Of The Sun

And here’s a bit about the forces that keep white dwarves from collapsing.