I had this dream about my subleq creatures

I had this dream about my subleq creatures

We’re in space, for reasons which are not explained. I’m the engineer, and it’s mostly about programming. There is a problem, and I need to make the AI software creatures solve it for us.

It was a dream, and short on details.

I crawled into the cage. It was like a birdcage, formed with closely spaced thin wires, only it was the size of a small auditorium. Clinging to the sides of the cage were my figures.

That’s what I’m calling them—Figures: subleq based self organizing software—the experiment I’m doing with digital life.

I walked over to the nearest one. It was a sort of blobby thing, with stubby tentacles. A mix of stuffed animal, cartoon character, and microorganism. I picked up my hammer, and started hitting the poor thing. All around the giant cage of wires, other programmers were doing the same.

The figures started screaming. They got louder and louder, until all their voices harmonized, and they all screamed…
of agony!
in unison.

That’s when the engines finally turned on and we saved the day…?

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