Ep 193: The Pleistocene Ice and rat poo

Ep 193: The Pleistocene Ice and rat poo

The Pleistocene Ice and rat poo

For our final episode on the topic of natural history, we take a look at the Pleistocene. This epoch was the most recent ice age, and toward the end of this time, lots of the largest land mammals went extinct, while in the middle of the epoch, humans finally arrived on the scene.

Here’s a link with more information about the Pleistocene.

Pleistocene Epoch: Facts About the Last Ice Age

Here’s an article about the comet that may or may not have hit the earth during the Pleistocene.

New evidence that cosmic impact caused Younger Dryas extinctions

Here’s an article about different competing theories on the cause of The Younger Dryas—when there was a sudden temperature change that took place toward the end of the Pleistocene, possibly contributing to the Quaternary extinction event.

The Extinction Debate

And here’s an article about the arrival of humans in North America.

When and How the First Americans Arrived

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