Ep 223: Our two year anniversary show!

Ep 223: Our two year anniversary show!

Our two year anniversary show!

Our show has made it to the two year point. So, we did an episode that doesn’t really have a point. We drift passed history, blackholes, astrology, Chinese emperors, waterclocks, and eventually land on an explanation of time dilation. From Einstein’s theory of special relativity, find out why the faster you go, the more time will slow.

Here’s a link about water clocks and their design.

Ancient Mechanical Clocks

Here’s a link to a timeline about keeping time. How we went from sundials to atomic clocks.

A Brief Introduction To The History Of Timekeeping Devices

Here’s a video that explains time dilation, and the bit I never did get right, length contraction.

Uncanny Relativity: Basics With A Light Clock

Here’s a site that, unlike our show, gets all the math right, with all the right formulas.

C-ship: The Dilation of Time

And finally, just in case you’re not sure you believe in all this relativity nonsense, here’s a video about how researchers working with particle accelerators deal with such things every day.

Einstein’s Clocks

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