Ep 232: Octo smarts!

Ep 232: Octo smarts!

Octo smarts!

It’s a rough life. With no shell, octopuses are a delicious boneless morsel, just waiting for some big something or another to gobble them up. This bite-size snack uses its ability to hide, squeeze into the tiniest of hiding places, and its brains to find something to eat, and avoid being someone’s dinner. Join us as we consider the octopus, along with its relatives the squid and cuttlefish; their intelligence; and where they came from.

We talked a bit about the vOICe today. So here’s a link to the website, where you can learn more about it, or download a copy to play with.


Here are a couple of articles about octopus and their intelligence.

Why Are Octopuses So Smart?

Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior

Here’s an article about cephalopod vision.

Cephalopods – Comparative Physiology of Vision

Here’s an article about the cephalopod brain.

Cephalopod Brains

Here’s something on an octopus fossil find.

Rare Fossil Octopuses Found

And just because it’s nifty, here are a couple of things on squid that will shoot out of the water, and then glide just above the surface.

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Flying Squid

Can a Squid Fly out of Water?

Here’s Phil’s news link.

Across the Universe, a star exploded so violently that it *completely* annihilated itself

And here’s the news bit I found.

It’s 2019, And Astronomers Just Discovered a New Type of Strange, Pulsing Star

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